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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  August 27, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: it is 4:30 on thursday and tears you all probably know or routine story turned into a cold-blooded murder and it was captured live on television. reporter and photographer killed by a former disgruntled employee who shot the entire situation as it unfolded. >> the nypd is cracking down the painted ladies and aggressive costumed characters in times square. beat. >> good news on wall street, the dow had its best in seven years, quite a roller-coaster.
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analysts said what we expect today. >> 4:30, good morning, i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy. we kind of all coming here with heavy hearts because of what unfolded yesterday but we are going to get to the weather first and give updates to the latest on that situation. >> meteorologist: another start to the day, 60 degrees at central park, 67 in newark, 59 in monticello, temperatures on the cooler side, dew points are lower, committee is lower, it is a lot more comfortable than we had a couple days ago. 55 degrees at central park, dewpoint said 56 in newark, 54 in poughkeepsie, generally speaking 55 which is comfortable, we never mainly clear sky and the tristate region, not happening at all, as
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much will come to us that will change things up for a while, just that cold front that came through trying to bring scattered showers and storms a couple days ago the school board right rest of and behind it, high-pressure takeover and that is the weather feature for the next several days and even into next week. for the most part-sharing control, temperatures going up but not a lot into a comfortable range. where we should be this time of year, 77 by 9:00 a.m. 82 for high-temperature later on today and as we go through the next seven days the anyone tomorrow, humidity staying away at the next three days but it does start making a come back early next week and a storm chance is not here until tuesday, monday into tuesday. let's bring in ines rosales. ines: hope you are feeling better. here is what is going on with the commute, construction going on not affecting the commute,
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nassau county lie fine, and county looking good and 84, 684. let's go to the staten island expressway construction set of victory boulevard. it has been a problem, right now but of a slowdown eastbound one lane open as you head towards the verrazano bridge. delays more on eastbound and westbound side. george washington bridge upper level construction has been picked up, i got stuck in that. only one lane was open, everything picked up, you are fine on the gwb inbound upper lower level, no problems on the lincoln or holland tunnel, terrines, everything on or close to schedule. ben: thank you. juliet: this is a story that hits close to home. even if we take ourselves out of a story, we are not the story, media outlets covered the situation of a round world. it was one of the most horrific
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sure many of you would agree. juliet: reporter and photographer killed on live television in roanoke, va.. the gunman was vester lee flanagan, former and obviously somewhat disgruntled employee of station wdbj, he had worked as a reporter, there is video of him using the name kitty in. he had been a number of television stations. robert moses here with more on this report. >> reporter: the nypd increased security around stations like ours. we didn't know if this was random. we soon learned the man who carried out this shooting knew the business well and was a fairly good reporter according to his colleagues, he worked in multiple stations and often cause trouble as he went but as one of his former co-workers
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>> as the sun rose, viewers awoke to a alison parker telling them a story as they did each morning, adam ward was up 90 camera. it is light morning show fair about tourism. >> we're seeing tourism. >> we won't show you what came next, gunshot on live television, screams from parker and were from the anchor in the studio who had just witnessed her colleagues getting murdered. the woman parker had been interviewing, vicki gardner, was injured. >> not sure what happened, we will let you know as soon as we find out. >> reporter: as the camera topple the ground it captured this image of the gunmen later identified as vester lee flanagan, a disaffected former reporter at wdbj who was fired, he posted video of the shooting and facebook and twitter. we will only show you this still image. he railed against his former colleagues on facebook.
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composure and heart of the journalists, then general manager had to wipe tears from their highs at one moment and in the next do as they're trained to do, cover the huge story. is one was about their beloved co-worker is. >> we have determined with the help of the police and our own employees that allison and adam died this morning. >> reporter: a 23 page document, part manifesto part suicide note apparently from flanagan arrived at abc news in new york. in it he described consult as a human powder keg waiting to go boom. he shot and killed himself 2 did miles north of the crime scene. jeffrey marx, general manager at wdbj said the station had many problems with flanagan during his time there. >> after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him, he did not take that will.
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escort him from the building. >> reporter: flanagan's family released the statement read by representative. >> with heavy heart and the sadness we express our deepest condolences to the families of alison parker and adam ward. we are praying for the recovery of the key gardner. >> reporter: in that statement flanagan's family members said their thoughts and prayers are with the wdbj television family. we can say the same thing. ben: in the victim's young journalists and a 20s getting their starting this business. >> dagen 19 was dating one of the station's acres and had just moved in with him. there are broken families speaking out. teresa priolo live in the newsroom has the latest on this.
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>> reporter: behind me, talking to megyn kelly on the kelly file, they told the world what wdbj the reason no, alison parker was talented and adam ward was that kind talented human being and they are talking about their grief. >> that is the toughest thing for me. everybody she touched loved her and she loved everybody. >> reporter: in the midst of unbearable grief and the parker wants the world to know his daughter allison, just 24 years old was a bright white, a young journalist just beginning to possibility. >> she takes did me good night sweet boy and that is the last i heard from her. >> reporter: turn live in a boyfriend, evening anchor crist hearst is remembering the woman of his dreams as kind, gentle and talented. >> we have been trying to be strong today because we delta was our duty to allison because
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she was a journalist and this is what she would have wanted us to do, shares soared. >> reporter: restores started like so many aspiring journalists, moving up the broadcast ladder by going from tv station to tv station. she was seen as personal and determined, a woman who hope to be a national news reporter sunday and photographer adam ward, bubbly and their like. >> best way to describe him was a giant teddy bear, just this guy that was the sweetest guy, always willing to help you out, do anything for you. >> reporter: he was engaged to a morning producer who watched a horrific scene unfold from the control room. she said i am not okay and i won't be for a long time. i will never find a man so happy, selfless, protective, funny or charming, you were the one. you understood me, my soul mate.
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behind me you can see james madison university website where alison parker went to school, they said abolish been her name and released a brief statement on there website talking about her passion for journalism, right future and how sad and they are that she is no longer with us. that is the latest from the newsroom. back to you. ben: the killer wanted an audience, not just the viewers watch the home. juliet: ben: he posted the murder to his facebook account in a stunning way to document violence. please review surveillance video showing him tweeting as he left the crime scene. >> he knew how to use social media for us to perhaps become a star in his own mind that he never became. ben: twitter and facebook took that down, and twitter kinds it
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viewers heartlessly read treated as an aside intensely because we're users don't have to click on a video ford to play on their feet. scroll past and it starts playing. >> i saw somebody tweeting saying that can't believe this is happening, he can't be doing this live, this is not happening. of course we will follow this story all morning so please stay tuned. moving on 4:41 convicted colorado theater gunman james holmes has been formally sentenced to life in prison. ben: he got a maximum 300 years in prison for the murders of 12 people inside and remove the theater in 2012. it was the premier of the dark night rises, the batman movie, victims' family members and shooting survivor is sheared after the sentence was read is a lone juror kept holmes from getting the death penalty in that case.
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walmart had decided to stop selling modern sporting rifles after years of public pressure following mass shootings. juliet: guns with high-capacity magazines will be removed from week to week. the retailer says the decision was based on low demand for military-style rifles, not politics. walmart says it plans instead to focus on shotguns and other weapons used by hunters. still ahead on "good day early call" a lot of nice weather
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>> meteorologist: good thursday morning. let's show you what has happened over the tristate, some nice warm ones, the air was drying out, fell pretty nice, we needed to 85 degrees, a little bit above normal for a high temperature yesterday, same thing at newark, 79 was your high temperature in sussex, 83 in bridgeport, let's look at temperatures as they stand right now, 68 degrees at central park, 57 in poughkeepsie, same thing monticello, 65 degrees in islip, pretty cool temperatures relatively speaking, montauk warm spot sitting at 70 right now but still looks like a very good looking day coming at us all together with a lot of
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skies, the sun is not for awhile, some more time, looks like it is fairly fresh because the cold front came through and cleared out the moisture, you see where it is focused in the mid-atlantic region and the southeast altogether but high-pressure dozen nice job keeping us on a cooler drier side for the next couple days, a few high clouds blow through from time to time but that should be it, no rainmakers expected in the tristate for at least three days or so and after that we see high pressure drifting off shore and that is when things did change a little bit. today 77 by midday, high-temperature up to 82 degrees later this afternoon, 80 for the ride home, nice and dry, the some moisture makes a come back in to sunday suit humidity goes up, high temperatures pop up a bit to 85 saturday, 88 sunday, same thing monday, we are hanging around 86 to 88 through wednesday of next week with small shower chances out there. if you want your daily and hourly forecast you conclude
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from your phone from the weather apps, download at the itunes store or google play store there for free, weather and that is it, click on it and away you go. let's bring in ines rosales and see if anything on thursday morning, good morning. >> no problems rockland county, smooth sailing on the saw mill, a joy and new england thruway, new jersey commuter looking great, 287, 78, the coast is clear, cameras, take a look your commute on a lot by the cross island parkway west bend and eastbound traffic doing fine. as for and a 11 traffic flow, and northbound traffic approaching the brooklyn bridge, all lanes closed on the manhattan bound brooklyn bridge, one lane closed on the bqe toward atlantic canada, parkway doing fine in front of the airport, no issues eastbound
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gardens and to change looks good. juliet: expect complaints about not costumed characters and hustling women in times where to drop because the nypd is setting up a new unit to patrol the area. ben: their job is to address quality of life issues and build a relationship local businesses. they would have nothing to do with the counterterrorism unit already there. there are no costumed characters or topless ladies and times square at 4:5 in the morning. bill deblasio suggested removing the pedestrian plaza, president of the times airlines call the, quote, great development. wall street could be on a roll, stock futures trading up again this morning. juliet: the data at its best day in seven years jumping 619 points, the nasdaq and the isn't he had positive numbers. stocks tumbled previous six days as concerns about chinese economy began to grow.
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soaring 5%. still, markets are well off of their highs. market as analysts expect the downs to continue. >> rosie o'donnell and teenage daughter left home again. >> chelsea has reportedly moved in with her first mother. the news comes a week after the 17-year-old was reported missing only to be found at the new jersey home of the man she met on lined with a spokesperson says chelsea always planned to move in with her birth mother when she turned 18. still ahead, have shaq and kobe costanza made up? the revealing interview they're doing on a pod cast. >> "good day early call" back in
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>> it seemed like fall when we walked out this morning. ben: i kind of like it. >> we walked out of separate buildings at different times but
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we are only a couple weeks away from low weather changed. you kind of got that smell of leaves may be starting to recognize the changes around the corner. fall is great. ben: you know how i feel about winter. ben: not many people are huge fans. you definitely felt, the need to roll up the windows on the cab because of is getting cold on away in. that says a lot because i like it -- i am very delicate but this is the time of year when temperatures are typically going back down. we have already hit the peak of the heat, looking at an average high today of 81 degrees in the city, 67 your average low, temperatures are actually about where they should be for this time of year, warmer than normal and drier as well, we could use more rain but doesn't look like we have much of anything in
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sight, record high is 101 setback in 1948, we are selling well away from that. 60 degrees and probably not done dropping at central park, dewpoint at 55 community at 63% and looks like it is pretty cold throughout the northeast region in general. everyone checking in with temperatures in the 60s, 60 degrees at syracuse, 67 in boston, same thing in philadelphia, skies throughout the northeast region not much happening in the tristate apollinaire won't be anything because i pressure is in control. here is what we have with radar and satellite, checking out the tropics, that is erika with the tropical storm, 52 miles an hour before casting together as it comes through the lesser antilles, crews just to the north of puerto rico and close to the turks and caicos through the bahamas and up towards the
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southeast atlantic getting very close to florida by this weekend and early next week, therefore we have to watch the forecast track has been shifting around that you can see where the threat is, southeast u.s. anywhere from miami all the way up to the mid-atlantic region, we have to see what goes on beyond that but at that point it looks like it is going to be perhaps a category 1 hurricane. today for us we don't have any storms to worry about, high temperature 82 degrees with sunny skies and 81 tomorrow, 85 saturday, making a come back sunday, next storm chance looks to be tuesday of next week. >> due to his off. we have sports. >> the mets keep beating up on teams like the phillies. >> the mets get going early, single to right and in comes michael dire, 3-0.
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we got the good bartolo colon last night, seven scoreless inning striking out eight on the night. the phillies not that great, 4-0 game, two run shot to left, 40th home run this month, that would tie franchise record making a six in a row, 9-4 the final. >> the yankees held a 6.5 game lead in the american league east. in 24 games the yanks have seen that lead completely disappear, yanks rapid of their three game series with astros. the first are july 24th, was not sharp, top of the second goes deep, a lot five runs ever 4-1/3 innings, yanks down 5-0 in the way this team is winning it come back, chris young go down swinging, yankees five hits on the day, five heads, your final
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would be 6-2. >> one of the most defensive lines in football yesterday, ending his career in the nfl the same way it began, member of big blue. giants signed until one day contract and yesterday he said goodbye to the game after 12 seasons. >> anybody who has been around here and has won here will tell you there's absolutely nothing like new york. there's nothing like losing here too. that is horrible. but winning here is truly an amazing experience. >> he won two super bowl titles with big blue. ha >> shaquille o'neal and kobe bryant talking about a feud that developed, brian gay and appearance on a pod cast yesterday. they were teammates, won three championships before they split end o'neill went to miami. they expressed regret, o'neill
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says a lot of things were said at the heat of the moment. brian says he has more
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